About Us

Welcome to the future home of NexusTopia

NexusTopia is a cloud based Enterprise Software Startup, developing the next generation 

Digital Workplace Platform for Information & Knowledge Workers by integrating all digital workplace activities and apps into a single workplace to enhance Productivity and 

provide seamless Collaboration, Workflow & Workforce Experience.

The enterprise collaboration market is expected to grow from USD 34.57 Billion in 2018 to USD 59.86 Billion by 2023, and the Digital Transformation is expected to open an estimated $4.5 trillion market opportunity.

We are living through fundamental changes in the way we work today, and 

Digital Disruption in the form of Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation and AI 

are accelerating these changes toward the Future of Work, and 

everyone agrees that this Digital Disruption will change the life of 

every worker and every business as we know it today. 

So, the question is what businesses do and how do they confront these disruptive changes!

Traditional IT stack with patchwork of disparate applications, disconnected data in silos, and 

broken workflows & workforce experiences has reached its practical limits 

for fueling business innovation and growth and cannot be scaled to meet the demands 

of the imminent AI Technology and Digital Transformation. 

Today’s IT is not going to cut it!  

To scale innovation and growth, businesses need a new innovative IT platform 

that seamlessly adapt to business and technology changes, 

which is the purpose of NexusTopia’s Digital Workplace Platform.

NexusTopia's Digital Workplace has been built from ground-up to provide a 

Secure, Scalable & Extensible Platform, and designed not just for Humans, but for both Humans & Machines with a single source of Contextual, Structured and Actionable data to 

Automate work and enable Humans and Machines augment each other

to realize productivities and innovation that we have never seen before.

We have built our MVP and hope to engage and perhaps partner with you for a Private Beta and work together to bring solutions to your business needs. You can email me at acerdal@NexusTopia.com or connect with me on Linkedin. 



Please contact A.C. Erdal for questions;

A.C. Erdal